CASE Fast Facts


The Cooperative Association for Special Education (CASE) is a 21st century organization that collaborates to provide special education services and support to our member districts based on the needs of those districts.

Belief Statement

The member districts are CASE and all our efforts shall be directed toward the collective benefit of the children served.

  • Education is a shared responsibility of CASE member districts, parents, students, staff, and the communities involved.
  • All children want to learn and are capable of learning.
  • All children have the right to an appropriate education which allows them to achieve and/or perform to the upper limits of their ability.
  • All children with special education needs residing within the CASE boundaries shall be treated equally in all respects.
  • All children shall be educated as close to home as possible.
  • A strong collaborative relationship between general education and special education is imperative.
  • All who are involved in the special education process shall be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Recruiting, hiring, and retaining the best qualified staff and providing them with a continued professional staff development program is fundamental.
  • An organizational structure which clearly identifies, defines, and delineates the roles and responsibilities of all involved is essential.
  • The cooperative must be fiscally and educationally accountable to its constituents.


CASE represents Marquardt School District #15, Queen Bee School District #16, Glen Ellyn Public Schools District #41, Lombard Elementary School District #44, Glenbard Township High School District #87, Community Consolidated School District #89, and Community Consolidated School District #93.

These districts comprise a 45 square mile geographic area with twenty-seven elementary schools, seven junior high/middle schools, four high schools, and one special school. CASE has an overall student population that tops 28,000 students, and an identified special education enrollment of over 4,000. CASE provides a complete range of services to students with special needs, 3 through 21 years of age. CASE and its member districts employ approximately 1,000 special educators.