D15 Marquardt Administration Center
4/7/2020 12:00 AM –

The focus of this course is on improving the participants' conferencing conversation skills and strategies with teachers. The goal of the conversations is to improve classroom teachers' abilities to reflect, learn and apply insights to their own teaching lessons and instructional deliveries, all aimed at improvement of the teaching and learning in their classrooms. Participants will be able to identify the value of meaningful professional conversations about teaching and learning by helping teachers reflect on their teaching; expand their repertoire of questioning skills under the four phases of teacher's planning, teaching, reflecting and analyzing of lessons resulting in reflective, self-directed learning; expand their repertoire of responding and empowering communication skills and strategies that promote reflective, self-directed learning as well as teacher choice; and learn how to create 'conference lesson plans'- intent of content of messages, content of the messages and speaking language to achieve the intended messages.