D15 Marquardt Administration Center
11/13/2019 12:00 PM –

Texting while driving. Binge-drinking. Bullying, Unprotected sex. There are plenty of reasons for parents to worry about getting a late-night call about their teen. But most of the advice parents and educators hear about teens is outdated and unscientific–and simply doesn’t work.

Acclaimed adolescent psychiatrist and educator Jess Shatkin brings more than two decades’ worth of research and clinical experience to the subject, along with cutting-edge findings from brain science, evolutionary psychology, game theory, and other disciplines along with the perspective of a concerned dad himself.

Using fresh actionable information, clinical anecdotes, research-based observations and stories, Shatkin will explain why young people make dangerous choices and offer solutions that work. In easy to understand terms you will learn:

* Why “scared straight,” adult logic, and draconian punishment don’t work
* Why the teen brain is “born to be wild”–shaped by evolution to explore and take risks
* The surprising role of brain development, hormones, social pressures, screen time, and other key factors

Join us and discover what adults can do–in everyday interactions–to work with teens’ need for risk, rewards and social acceptance, not against it. With new insights into the adolescent brain here is the why, the how and the better way to steer kids away from risky behavior and decode the adolescent brain ages 12-26.