CASE Itinerant Services Office
11/4/2019 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Teachers for the Visually Impaired are invited to collaborate and support each other. Itinerants will discuss the employment rate of students with visual impairment after graduation, typical preparation for employment, and brainstorm ideas that may affect change. Is there time to address living skills and employment skills? What other factors affect a team's ability to prepare students for employment? <br />
Other topics:
<li />CVI Case studies – brainstorm support plans, techniques, and service models for specific cases.
<li />Order qualifications for IIMC – what changes are happening? Who qualifies for what?
<li />Problem-solving materials for students not on the federal census – what do we do now?
<li />Make – n – take activity
<li />Collect information on standardized testing and the options for students for each.
<li />Please email with additional topic ideas. </ul>