Generation Worry: Managing Stress through Mindfulness

D93 Administration Center
12/11/2018 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM

Stressors from the social web, and society are clearly on the rise for teens, and adults. Todd Fink CADC,behavioral health associate for Linden Oaks Behavioral Health is here with techniques to cultivate contemplative concentration to bring greater peace of mind . What we focus on, think about, and repeatedly do can literally change the structure of our brain, and mindfulness is a way to self-direct our own brain development. Mindfulness involves paying attention in the present moment without judgment. It is about awareness as opposed to thinking. This evidenced-based and therapeutic practice has many benefits for our physical and emotional well-being, with an abundance of new research showing that people can reduce stress despite outer circumstances. Attendees will learn about the basics of the mindful brain and have the opportunity to experience simple, effective techniques for mind-body wellness. Three mindful qualities will be discussed: 1) intention 2) non-judgment and 3) acceptance. These qualities can be utilized to connect more deeply with the present moment, ourselves and each other in order to enhance self-awareness, empathy, and inner calm.

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