Glenbard South High School
2/28/2020 8:00 AM – 1:30 PM

As administrators, coaches or colleagues, we often come up against situations where difficult topics must be addressed. What do we know about the best strategies for those moments? What questions should we be asking ourselves before we speak, and what language is best for when we do speak? Based on Jennifer's books, Having Hard Conversations, and Hard Conversations Unpacked, and her work with conflict and interpersonal communication, this session will provide participants with action plans and scripting tools for having those necessary humane and growth producing conversations.

Participants will:

Identify why they hesitate having hard conversations
Choose questions to ask themselves before they choose to speak up in order to do so more humanely
Articulate in professional language the challenges they are facing
Determine the goals of the conversation and write an action plan of support
Script the conversation avoiding trigger words that put others on the defensive
Discover some helpful tips for the wheres and whens and hows of having productive yet challenging conversations