Glenbard South High School
2/28/2020 8:00 AM – 1:30 PM

This 1-day course will introduce the SCERTS model, a comprehensive, multidisciplinary educational approach designed for children with Autism. This framework is not exclusionary of other treatment approaches and methodologies, but rather provides a curriculum for those who are seeking guidelines for implementing a comprehensive educational plan that is based on our knowledge of the core developmental challenges faced by autistic children, family-centered care, and our knowledge of the recommended tenets of educational programming, as indicated by the National Academy of Sciences.

The SCERTS framework has been designed to target priority goals in social communication (SC) and emotional regulation (ER) by implementing transactional supports (TS) (e.g., interpersonal modifications, environmental arrangement, visual supports, etc.) throughout a child's daily activities and across social partners in order facilitate competence within these identified goal areas in natural, functional and meaningful contexts. The course will begin with a brief review of current perspectives in intervention (i.e., current efficacy research and characteristics of effective educational programs) and a review of the core developmental challenges faced by this heterogeneous population of children at various stages in development (i.e., pre-verbal stages, emerging language stages, and conversational stages).

This introduction will then be followed by practical guidelines for prioritizing learning objectives and will cover a wide developmental range (applicable from early intervention through the high school years). Video case examples will be used to illustrate how educators, clinicians, and families can directly apply learning strategies in the classroom environment and across settings.