The Good News About Bad Behavior

D15 Marquardt Administration Center
2/12/2019 9:30 AM – 11:00 AM

Today's young children and teens seem to be less disciplined that ever. Spanking is out, yelling can be harmful and timeouts/ grounding may not improve behavior. Drawing on her personal experience, and the latest research on play, technology, and failure, Katherine Reynolds will share a new model of discipline for a generation of children who are out of control.
Here Reynolds outlines a theory which centers on listening and building a child’s skills to address the root causes of misbehavior.
Join us and learn how we can help teens develop their inner motivation to behave well, encourage their independence, and support good mental health. Parents will learn to respond to their kids' misbehavior instead of reacting to it so that they get the results they want -children who are self-disciplined, confident, and better equipped to handle life's challenges.

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