Emily Shields
Administrator of Programs and Services Administration

CASE has been providing music therapy as part of an enrichment program to students in our districts since 2010. Music therapy is provided through a contract with Rhythmworks Music Therapy, LLC, and currently there are four Board Certified Music Therapists working with students throughout CASE districts.

Music therapy is the practice of using prescribed music based interventions to help students improve both mental and physical health. Music therapists target non-musical skills such as improving communication, motor coordination, sensory regulation, social/emotional awareness and academic skills. Music therapists and teachers collaborate to plan lessons and activities that focus on building skills students need to participate in their education and reach IEP goals.

Music therapists are continuously assessing throughout sessions to adapt instruction to meet student needs. The need for music therapy is determined through a formal assessment which is conducted by a board certified music therapist. The assessment process includes an analysis of student skills to determine whether or not music therapy strategies will meet student needs. Currently music therapy takes place in classrooms as part of a group setting.