Matthew Epperley , Ed.D.
Administrator of Social/Emotional Health and Wellness

Psychological services in the school setting include a myriad of student, staff and school wide supports. Psychologists contribute to a positive school climate by assessing and supporting the social, emotional and academic development of students and school teams.

CASE Psychologists provide students with direct services in the areas of counseling and assessments. They synthesize information provided by families, teachers and therapists to develop a plan to improve student outcomes and coach staff and families on how to effectively meet individual student needs. CASE Psychologists address difficulties with social emotional regulation and behavioral concerns using individualized and district assessment measures. They analyze student data to facilitate the problem solving process and collaborate with other disciplines such as teachers, speech therapists or social workers to provide services and supports for students.

As experts in assessment and intervention structures, CASE Psychologists partner with staff and administrators in our member districts to lead problem-solving and academic and/or behavioral support teams. They work with building staff to create and implement academic (MTSS) and behavior (PBIS) supports. They guide teams in the evaluation and identification of students with special education needs and develop strong collaborative relationships with school staff and parents.

CASE Psychologists provide workshops and training to school staff in areas such as assessment literacy, data collection and analytics and differentiated learning. They provide classroom coaching to teachers throughout the school year in order to meet the individualized needs of school personnel.


Illinois School Psychologists Association