CASE Itinerant Services

Natalie Heinrich, Administrator

1104 N. Main Street
Lombard IL 60148

Phone: 630-629-2600
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Vanessa Blanks
Low-Incidence Office Coordinator Itinerant Services

CASE Itinerant Services (CIS) employs licensed teachers who provide direct instruction and/or consult services for students with vision or hearing disabilities in multiple school districts. The role of CIS is to bring low-incidence disability expertise to students and staff in local educational settings. CIS conducts specialized evaluations for the purpose of determining eligibility for special education support for Deafness, Hearing Impairment, blindness, Deaf-Blindness, and visual impairment.

Hearing itinerant and Vision itinerant teachers provide direct instruction to students and consultation time to a student’s educational team. These traveling teachers serve students from the age of 3 though 21 in multi-needs, general, and gifted classrooms. Curriculum includes low-incidence self-advocacy, communication, methods to access classroom curriculum and instruction, language, compensatory strategies, test administration, technology, curriculum adaptation, independence, social pragmatics, and life skills.

The CIS teachers provide services in a variety of instructional settings that best meet instructional goals. The selection of technology, software, accommodations, and communication methods are data driven decisions and include student input when appropriate. CIS staff work with technology appropriate for the low-incidence disability to provide access to the student’s environment including auditory, visual, and tactile communication. In addition, CIS staff use technology to access the curriculum, increase executive functioning skills, and assist students to independently navigate the educational environment.

The CASE itinerant teachers work closely with school staff throughout the year and provide ongoing coaching in adapting and modifying materials, adapting the classroom and school environments and designing instruction and instructional materials that allow each student to participate in the classroom to the greatest extent. They provide training specific to a student’s needs as well as general trainings to nurses, administrators and other staff on low-incidence disabilities.


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