Allyson Baisden
Administrator for Student Support Services Administration

Social work in the school setting includes individual or small group services which are provided to students who are determined in need of services per the IEP team. In addition, social work services include working with school staff on implementation of social emotional learning initiatives as well as schoolwide interventions and supports for academic and social learning.

CASE Social Workers focus on the development of positive student service climates in schools. As mental health professionals, they proactively problem solve issues and develop positive behavior supports and services and utilize evidence based strategies, curriculum and diagnostic tools in order to best meet the needs of students, families and schools. CASE Social Workers work directly with individual and groups of students improving social, emotional, and executive functioning skills. In addition, they work with parents and teachers so that students can practice these skills in relevant settings. CASE Social Workers lead school and district crisis prevention and response teams and link families to school and community resources.

CASE Social Workers provide ongoing support and coaching to district staff. They work directly with classroom teachers to implement effective teaching strategies that support the needs of varied learners. In addition, CASE social workers provide staff development through workshops and trainings focused on social and emotional health issues.


School Social Work Association of America

Social/Emotional Learning Standards (IBSE) (PDF)