Marybeth Marinier
Out of District Coordinator Administration

Adapted Physical Education (APE) is physical education that has been adapted or modified to meet the individual needs of each person with a disability enrolled in a general or special physical education class. APE can be provided through consulting, co-teaching, small group/individual instruction.

CASE APE teachers provide expert adapted physical education services which enable students to participate in PE by facilitating gross motor experiences, modifying activities as necessary, providing specialized instruction and development of skills. Students receiving specialized instruction in physical education are provided with opportunities to participate in activities with typically developing peers.

CASE APE teachers collaborate with IEP teams to analyze student data to determine a need for services. Upon parental consent, they evaluate a student using formal and informal measures that are aligned to state and district PE standards. Individual educational plans identify the needs for services and address the goals that will be worked in the appropriate environment.

CASE APE teachers provide coaching and professional development throughout member districts and Illinois. They assist school staff by modeling teaching practices, providing training on selected assessments and providing on-site assistance in adapting instruction and materials so that the PE experience is standards-based and inclusive of all learners.

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