Allyson Baisden
Administrator for Student Support Services Administration

Individualized Education Plan (IEP) facilitation provides an opportunity for a third party facilitator to promote effective communication between the parents and the IEP team in order to develop a mutually acceptable IEP. Districts can request assistance from CASE when it is determined that additional support is needed in order to provide a solution focused outcome that meets the needs of the student.

CASE IEP facilitators provide a structure and norms for effective communication between all participants. They utilize a problem solving framework that is focused on solutions to improve student outcomes, and secure fair and respectful treatment of all participants. They listen for understanding, and ensure that all legal rights are upheld within a mutually agreeable IEP.

CASE IEP facilitators also provide training to district LEA representatives and other staff. Trainings are held annually at the beginning of each school year in a central location within the cooperative and are provided locally as requested.