Missy Klaric
Administrative Assistant Central Office
Steven J. Smidl
Business Manager, CSBO Administration

The mission of CASE Transportation Services is to provide students a safe ride to and from school. CASE provides centralized coordination of transportation services between multiple stakeholders, including parents, district representatives, school staff, and contractual transportation companies. Our central office facilitates yearly start up activities, communicates daily routing changes, addresses daily issues, monitors video surveillance, trains drivers/aides, provides pro-active behavior support, reviews/corrects billing invoices and penalties, evaluates data and metrics, and leads contract negotiations.

Our staff work closely with transportation companies in order to ensure contractual requirements are met in a timely manner and pro-actively meet with transportation service executives on a monthly basis. In addition, CASE stays current with technology and policy. Our staff have extensive training in current tracking/routing technologies utilized by the transportation companies and develop and update a procedural manual and parent handbook annually.


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