The CASE Strategic Plan was renewed under the direction of the Board of Trustees and through the collaborative work of the CASE administration and member district Directors. This plan extends the prior work and sets goals that deepen the learning culture of the Cooperative on behalf of all students. The CASE Strategic Plan will propel the Cooperative with a future focus for a collaborative learning organization.

CASE Mission

Providing highly specialized services and expertise for children to achieve personal success in the educational environment.

Strategy One:

Students in CASE districts will have access to a continuum of high quality services in the least restrictive environment.

Strategy Two:

Students who are serviced by CASE staff will receive services that reflect best practice, attend to their whole being, and implement current research and strategies.


All professional development initiatives sponsored or facilitated by CASE will be based on a model that is research supported, promotes the vision of CASE and strategically aligns to the organizational needs and goals of our member districts in order to build capacity of individuals and organizations to improve outcomes for all children.

  • Be responsive and flexible to the ongoing professional development needs of member districts.
  • Implement research-based models for professional learning.
  • Develop an evaluation design for professional learning.
  • Design and implement a shared decision-making model for determining the professional development priorities and adequate resources for providing professional development and support for member districts.

CASE will secure and maintain high-quality human, social and fiscal resources and be a steward of those resources, ensuring they are strategically aligned with the vision of CASE as well as the organizational needs and goals of member districts.

  • Recruit, retain and develop motivated, knowledgeable and skilled professionals who uphold high expectations for all students and have a passion for student-centered learning.
  • Seek and support collaborative relationships among a broad array of stakeholders that include professional staff, students, parents and community members.
  • Create and implement financial planning and decision-making models that are transparent, collaborative and fiscally responsible.

CASE and its member districts are committed to establishing and maintaining an authentic and multi-layered system of communication with all stakeholders for the purpose of fostering collaborative opportunities.

  • Utilize proactive systems that promote and facilitate transparency and foster interaction that aligns with the mission and values of CASE
  • Follow norms for communication. with all stakeholders.