Tricia Sharkey
Assistant Director Administration

Speech therapy is the provision of intervention services to students demonstrating a wide variety of communication disorders. Students who receive speech therapy struggle with articulation, apraxia, fluency, voice, social/pragmatic communication, feeding, or expressive and receptive language impairments.

CASE Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) foster academic and social success by facilitating communication skills across all educational settings. They utilize a variety of service delivery models throughout the cooperative, depending on students’ needs. Direct services (1:1 and small group), consultative services to the educational team and push-in services to the classroom may be implemented.

CASE Speech Language Pathologists are trained in a wide variety of methodologies and techniques including (but not limited to): Social Thinking, VB-MAPP, PECS, Core Vocabulary, Prompting Techniques to support AAC, and the Expanding Expression Tool. In addition, CASE SLPs are familiar with and integrate a variety of tools into therapy sessions as well as into the student’s environment, as necessary. These tools may include: Boardmaker, iPad, Low and High Tech AAC devices, picture schedules, social stories and other visual supports.

CASE SLPs provide professional development opportunities to teachers and other school staff in the cooperative throughout the school year. Individualized coaching and training is provided to school staff who need specific evidence-based strategies on working with students who have communication disorders. Training in specific methodologies such as Core Vocabulary and Social Thinking are provided on an on-going basis.


Feeding and Swallowing Team Referral Form (PDF)

Typical Speech and Language Development (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association)