This one comes to us courtesy of Vision Itinerant Teacher Kathy Sledz.

OK, a few things to notice right off the bat.

  • The fancy orange button gives this SPAM a little bit of credibility. In fact it looks pretty plausible if you don’t know what to look for.
  • Like most SPAM messages, it doesn’t address Kathy by name.
  • Notice that the subject of the email is “Office365 Notification” and it mentions “exchange server,” but the sending address clearly has nothing to do with either of those things–we have never heard of “”
  • Here’s the key: hover (do not click) you mouse cursor over the button and look at the bottom of your browser screen. You should see an address appear. That is where the button is likely to take you. In this case, the button goes here:

    “”? That does not sound encouraging.

Keep sending me your SPAM!