Clip YouTube videos for your PowerPoint

Barb Layer asked me this month about the best way to embed YouTube videos into her PowerPoint. That's an easy question to answer: PowerPoint 2016 has an "Insert Online Video" button. But there was a twist: she didn't want to play the whole video, just a segment from it. That's an important feature! And, of course, [...]

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When should I use the Web version of Office?

Since starting at CASE in 2016, I have ridden the roller coaster of trying to understand Microsoft's big picture with Office and how it differs from Google's GSuite (my previous employer was a Google school). One of the early lessons learned was that Microsoft is still focused on native apps, i.e., apps installed on your computer's [...]

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WIP: CASE Bits #5 – Microsoft Excel

I'm actively working on the next CASE Bits, this time about Microsoft Excel. For this video, I'm dropping the promise to do it in 3 minutes or less, because this is Excel we're talking about here. Instead, I'll make a 10 minute "beast" that will do a much better job of giving you some awesome [...]

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Those pesky PDF forms

I know it's ridiculous. You go to our Staff Resources page. You click on a link to a form. You fill it out and save it. Then you email it--and it's EMPTY?! Unfortunately, fillable PDF forms do not work well when they are opened inside of a browser. So the "correct" process is: Save the [...]

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One More Year of Windows 7

We originally planned to upgrade all CASE computers to Windows 10 this Summer. Unfortunately, after some recent news about Microsoft's future licensing plans, we are postponing that move until we have more information in order to formulate an upgrade strategy. If you like tech and want to go down that rabbit hole, here are some [...]

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Caution: OneNote Incompatibility

A note for OneNote users: OneNote 2016 (the one with "2016" in its name, if you're using Windows 10) has some serious issues aligning objects. Basically, if you're a heavy OneNote user and you are working a lot with people using the Web version, Mac version, or Windows 10 version (without "2016" in the title), avoid [...]

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No CASE Bits this month

I had been planning to use the second half of this month to produce a short video introducing some of you two fundamental formulas in Microsoft Excel. But the month got away from me with other projects that were very high priority. I will make an effort to do two videos on Microsoft Excel in [...]

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Overcoming a limitation of Microsoft Forms using Microsoft Flow

Last week, I was given a challenge by Assistive Technology Coordinator Tricia Sharkey and Associate Business Manager Sarah Lager. The challenge was to create a Microsoft Form that would instantly publish its results to a public spreadsheet which did not include information about the identities of who submitted the form. There are two problems with [...]

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New CASE Bits: Introduction to OneNote!

I'm happy to announce a new CASE Bits video! This one looks a OneNote, which is a hot topic lately. OneNote is a great app for "thinking out loud" and putting all your great ideas in their proper places. I use it to give CASE administration a window into my projects and activities. Our staff [...]

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