Another phishing scam! Wait, actually… no, it’s legit!

Hearing Itinerant Tracy Mack forwarded me this email which immediately raised red flags for phishing and spam. Originally, I believed that this was a very slick example of phishing. Except... it's not! It's referring to a personal OneDrive account, not a CASE OneDrive account, and Microsoft does indeed have a policy of freezing, and then deleting [...]

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Extended School Year 2018 – Technology Notes

ESY at Black Hawk School is coming fast! Here are some notes for those who are participating: Many thanks to Cindy Darling of District 15 Marquardt for her help in furnishing District 15 laptops for ESY staff use. These laptops will be necessary to access printing resources. iPads will be provided by CASE and will [...]

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Notes on Technology Check-In for 2018

Most who possess CASE laptops and/or iPads should have already received and filled out the pre-Check-In survey, and that equipment should be rolling in according to your check-in date. Just to make sure everybody knows: laptop check-ins are optional this Summer. There are no urgent updates. If you check in your laptop, it will be [...]

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Windows 10 in 2018! For some.

Much like the North Korean summit, Windows 10 is off-again, on-again! SolidState is prepping Windows 10 software. The current plan is to test during the Fall, and to do a limited rollout in December, followed by the rest of CASE computers next Summer.

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A word about cookies.

One of our occupational therapists recently asked me about cookies. Not the yummy kind. Lately you might have noticed that lots of websites display a message like this one: A cookie is just a text file that a website put on your computer. That text filet helps the website remember you while you browse from [...]

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Clip YouTube videos for your PowerPoint

Barb Layer asked me this month about the best way to embed YouTube videos into her PowerPoint. That's an easy question to answer: PowerPoint 2016 has an "Insert Online Video" button. But there was a twist: she didn't want to play the whole video, just a segment from it. That's an important feature! And, of course, [...]

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When should I use the Web version of Office?

Since starting at CASE in 2016, I have ridden the roller coaster of trying to understand Microsoft's big picture with Office and how it differs from Google's GSuite (my previous employer was a Google school). One of the early lessons learned was that Microsoft is still focused on native apps, i.e., apps installed on your computer's [...]

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WIP: CASE Bits #5 – Microsoft Excel

I'm actively working on the next CASE Bits, this time about Microsoft Excel. For this video, I'm dropping the promise to do it in 3 minutes or less, because this is Excel we're talking about here. Instead, I'll make a 10 minute "beast" that will do a much better job of giving you some awesome [...]

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Those pesky PDF forms

I know it's ridiculous. You go to our Staff Resources page. You click on a link to a form. You fill it out and save it. Then you email it--and it's EMPTY?! Unfortunately, fillable PDF forms do not work well when they are opened inside of a browser. So the "correct" process is: Save the [...]

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