Clip YouTube videos for your PowerPoint

Clip YouTube videos for your PowerPoint

Barb Layer asked me this month about the best way to embed YouTube videos into her PowerPoint. That’s an easy question to answer: PowerPoint 2016 has an “Insert Online Video” button.

But there was a twist: she didn’t want to play the whole video, just a segment from it. That’s an important feature! And, of course, not totally easy. Fortunately, there’s a website to help!

Step1: Copy the address of the YouTube video.
Step2: Go to and paste the address. Enter the start-time and end-time (in seconds). The website will spit out a code.
Step3: Copy that code and go into PowerPoint. Use the “Insert => Video => Online Video” button and paste the code into the “Embed” field. Click “OK”.

The result? You can insert just one segment of a YouTube video instead of the whole thing!

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