My mother always taught me “Don’t invite yourself over to places, it’s rude.”

I’m a slow learner!

Unlike in past years, I don’t care about coordinating visits or trying to meet several CASE staff at once. If you’re on your own and you’d like some tech help, shoot me an email! Remember I can help you with any systems you use (Microsoft, Google, Apple, you name it), and I’ll wager that 30 minutes with me could save you a ton of time in the future. And I hope to learn things from you, too!

Some things I might be able to help with:

  • What systems do you use? Which ones drive you crazy?
  • What’s that annoying thing you have to do every day that you wish could be easier?
  • What’s a cool thing you heard about somewhere that you’d like to try with a student but never got around to it?
  • What are some accessibility struggles you have with your students that could use a clever solution?
  • What’s a computer skill that you’re a little rusty on and could use a refresher?