We’ve been getting another rash of spam. Mostly, they are same varieties I have blogged about already, which you can see here: https://www.casedupage.com/?s=spam+of+the+month

We continue to get spammed by “AES” offering “Long Term Care”  or “Student Loan Forgiveness” to our employees. Watch out for these and mark them as Phishing when you see them. Here are a few examples.


Please note that although AES is a real organization, these messages are not coming from them.

Then there are a series of gross, inappropriate, and disturbing messages. Warning, these are disturbing. Please do not believe any claims in them about having “hacked” you or having any ability to “spy” on you–these are only intended to frighten you into paying them off.

These can just be blocked as usual. However, if you receive one that contains one of your real passwords in its contents, please refer to this post: https://www.casedupage.com/spam-of-the-month-for-may-2019-a-menagerie-of-mischief/

Finally, here are some clever SPAM messages courtesy of our Business Manager Emeritus, Jerry Brendel. What they all have in common is a vague resemblance to typical work emails and some effort made to get Mr. Brendel to click on a link.