Today I met with the occupational therapists of District 41 at Hadley Jr. High. We unfortunately didn’t get to one of the topics we hoped to–Google Sheets basics and general charting skills–so here are some excellent guides for different experience levels.

Speaking of data, we had a great conversation about documentation and it’s something I’ll be sure to hear more about at the May 2 OT Learning Team Meeting. I’m working on a system to help CASE staff do documentation in a relatively painless, consistent way that helps them meet legal requirements as well as have their data easy at hand.

What I learned is that the OT’s documentation needs are different – but not a lot different – from the PTs whom I met last March 1. Both professionals need a way to track both attendance data and have a treatment record that includes both objective measurements and subjective observations.

Many thanks to the OTs for sharing with me their documentation templates. This will be an exciting puzzle to work out!