The next time you ask for my help, I may ask you to do me a favor and create a ticket (at I have not been giving our ticket system the attention and love it deserves. That’s a shame, because:

  • Submitting a ticket helps me track my work similar to how many of you track yours in ServiceBuddy, Embrace, or MyServiceTracker. Accountability!
  • Documenting solutions in tickets helps me solve future problems earlier, because my memory is not perfect.
  • Sadly, I am not immortal, so if for whatever reason I am not available to CASE anymore, the ticket system will be an important reference to future CASE technicians.

The good news is that we have totally updated and revamped WebHelpDesk to make it easier and simpler to submit tickets and get help faster.

  1. I now get instant notifications for all new tickets–amazingly, this was not true before! So you do not need to BOTH email me AND make a ticket.
  2. The “Request Types” menu has been updated to more accurate reflect the kinds of tickets I typically get. When in doubt, you can always select “Other” (it’s in the middle!)
  3. Almost ALL fields for ALL forms are optional, so you won’t be pestered to answer a question before submitting a ticket!
  4. You can now specify a precise date by which you need a ticket completed (this is very helpful to me, but again, not required!)
  5. The “Location” and “Room” fields may be *completely* ignored–I do not need that information, so please just let them be.

That’s all. Thanks for helping me to help you!